This is what a great summer barbecue is all about

Summertime means a lot of things – kids in the yard, time in the sun, relaxing afternoons – but one of the best things of all about summer is those evenings when you have friends over to your house for a few blissful hours of barbeque, conversation, and time spent relaxing together. If you want to plan a summer cookout at your house, you can ensure that the night will be a smashing success as long as you follow these few simple tips.

Food: Having great food for everyone to dive into is, of course, the biggest part of having a good barbeque. If you have close friends over, the best way to handle the food situation is to purchase enough meat for everyone and to plan on grilling this on your own, and then to ask everyone else to pitch in with something specific such as chips or dessert or a side, or anything else you might want!

Drinks: Providing cold drinks such as punch and soda will be necessary on a hot night of barbequing – and depending on the crowd that is coming over for the evening, you might also want to stock a cooler with beer or have the ingredients for mixed drinks. As is the case with the food, drinks are another thing you can ask others to chip in with.

Lounge Spots: You do not want people to feel cramped in your yard, so make sure everyone has a place to sit and relax. Set up seats in different areas so that people can choose where they want to sit and consider stringing up a hammock or other relaxing seating arrangements so that everyone will feel comfortable kicking back and lounging!
With the proper mixture of food, drink, and lounge spots (and with the right group of friends!), you will have everything you need for a great summer barbeque.

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Family Tents For Outdoor Camping

watch a full moon under the stars

Practically every decent outdoor shop in every town will provide family tents for outdoor camping. Camping being among the most liked and addiction outdoor activities amongst families today, there are no surprises here. Individuals want to evacuate their gear and take the kids, the dog and triggered to spend a weekend playing in the sand or the mountain, fishing or just unwinding by bonding with mother earth.

It is refreshing to understand that you do not have to pack up and head house at the end of the day; instead, you can roast some hot dogs over an open fire, toast a few marshmallows and tell funny stories till the family prepares to nod off to rest.

Find a Tent for your Family

Top msr tents for outdoor camping can be found everywhere and are available in simply one huge room such as an eight individual camping tent size; they also can be found in spaces that are divided, and camping tents that have smaller sized dome camping tents that link to them using zippers. These tents frequently have screened rooms to allow the family to enjoy the quiet of the early morning or the late night without feeding every bug in the county.

The size and design of the family camping tents for camping are all personal choices that will depend on what your household likes and exactly what you need according to how large your family is. A family is a relative term and could explain simply two individuals, one grown up, and some kids, or an entire houseful of kids and grownups.
There are many different types of families today other than the “typical” 4 individual households, so the family camping tent for camping will need to be chosen relying on family size and personal choices.

When a kid reaches the age of about ten, they will get to know if their parents are allowing them to have their personal tent and personal privacy. This suggests you could acquire a tent that is a bit smaller if your kid will be sleeping in their tent in a near future.

Most family tents come geared up with individual pockets that are designed to run an extension cord through the side of the camping tent, so you do not have to leave the zipper partly unzipped to accommodate it. Many state parks now have electrical power offered at their camp sites for the operating of fans and portable cooling units. The tent designers and makers know this truth and have begun creating tents where these types of home appliances can be used safely within their structures.

Save Money with A Camping Tent

Some of the best times you will have with your family will be spent doing basic things like under the stars, and strolling along the sandy beach in the moonlight while you hold your child’s hand and pay attention to the sounds of the browse on the rocks. Camping is far more affordable than renting a hotel room and consuming in restaurants while you are vacationing. Campers can vacation near to the kinds of activities they enjoy participating in.

Doing so minimizes the general expense of your trip or weekend by eliminating hotels and dining establishments, and it provides more families with the chance to take an economical getaway. The camping tents made for family camping that are offered today offer a broad range of choices when it pertains to materials, size and rate.

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Restoring the workhorse: Citroen 2CV

the romantic deux cheaveaux on the french roads

With an unmistakable profile the Citroen 2CV is not just a car with a heritage going back to the 1940’s, but a national icon and a highly sought after collectable. Having started as a workhorse in rural France, the ‘deux cheveaux vapeur’ (two steam horses) quickly became an affordable and easy to maintain method of transport across France. Before long it was being produced across Europe, with thousands sold globally.

Having ceased production in the 1990’s, Citroen has moved on to other things, but the 2CV is still a popular car for collectors with the chassis alone often being bought for a premium. Collectors can buy a refurbished model for a relatively small outlay and those with an old model rusting in the back yard may find that there are some surprising choices for that old ‘tin snail’ (as the 2CV has been affectionately called). So here are a few options for the budding 2CV enthusiast.

PRET-A-ALLER: The old deux cheveaux can still be picked up on popular shopping websites (such as eBay or Gumtree), often pre-restored and ready to go. These are perfect if you are after this classic for a runaround or as a collectable item. There are also several companies dedicated to lovingly restoring the old ugly duckling back to its full potential. However if you are looking to get hands on there are still options for finding unloved 2CV frames in farmyards and driveways across Europe or even the above-mentioned websites. From a mechanical point of view, this is a straightforward car to play with with no electric parts and mostly straightforward engineering.

PIMP THAT RIDE: Anyone looking to turn heads with a unique look would do well to pick up an old 2CV and see what can be done. From crazy paint work and fat tyres to high torque motorbike engines, there is a world of possibility for the creative mechanic. If time and money are no object, there are plenty of companies that could come up with a very good idea for a tired old flying dustbin. As there is a surprising amount of room in these old cars so, you can have fun putting in extras such as sound equipment or plush seating to create a fast and furious ride that no one would forget in a hurry.

WORK THE WORKHORSE: Another idea is to take the old workhorse and take it to a new market. The modern taste for retro and vintage means that in the right hands a 2CV could become an integral centrepiece to the right project. Perhaps a pop-up coffee shop, posh burger stand or even part of a mobile vintage clothes shop. The sky is the limit. There are also several models of 2CV van that can be found if needed for the right type of project. The Citroen HY and the H van are both designed as more heavy duty workhorses in a similar mould and can still be found if you look.

TAKE HER FOR A RIDE: One thing about certain old cars, the 2CV in particular, is the fuel economy. A well-restored Deux cheveaux would make a fabulous long distance road trip companion with plenty of interior space, good suspension, and high ceilings. The original model was designed to do around 50 mpg, but one might find that new reconditioned tin snails have different engines with varying degrees of fuel consumption. If you’re looking to go on a tour with a difference this summer, then take a look at a restored 2CV.

These old cars are popular for a reason, mainly their accessibility and ease of use and the surprising amount of fun you can have driving one, especially with the top down. If you’re looking for a little bit of retro ‘joie de vivre’ or even thinking of an engineering project then finding one of these flying dustbins would be a great start!

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A potted guide to ‘La Belle France.’

streets of paris during winter

As one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, France has much to offer. With a rich cultural history, fantastic scenery and some of the best food and drink to be had anywhere on the planet, there is so much more to be seen that just Paris. So where else should you go to experience this marvellous country?

The Mediterranean Coast: You don’t need to be a billionaire with a pad in St Tropez or Monaco to enjoy the French Mediterranean.

Marseille has a reputation as a bit rough and ready, but the city has a charm all of its own. As a port with connections to North Africa, the cosmopolitan nature of the city is evident not just in its people, but it’s food and lifestyle. Take a stroll around the Vieux Port (old port) and sip a pastis as you watch the ships sail and then try a Bouillabaisse (fish soup) or genuine Berber tagine just off Canebiere boulevard.

Just down the road is Avignon, previous home of the Popes (before the Vatican). The city boasts fantastic Medieval forts as well as the famous Pont de Avignon (Bridge of Avignon).

The area around cool and trendy Montpellier is where the French come for their summer holidays. Long sandy beaches, cool coastal towns, and a genuine ‘laissez-faire’ vibe are the reasons to hit the beach here. Montpellier itself is a beautiful little city full of winding alleys lined with boutique shops.

Visitors to the region should also visit the Camargue, a vast protected natural area home to flamingos and other migratory birds.

The East and the Alps: Fans of winter sports don’t need to be told of the fantastic opportunities to be had in the French Alps. Popular resorts such as Chamonix, Alpe de Huez and Courcheval have a reputation as some of the best skiing in the world and rightly so. No matter if you’re a learner or more advanced there will be something for everyone.

The region around Alsace and Reims is more famous as a farming heartland and where some of France’s most famous produce comes from. Reims is the centre of the Champagne region and is surrounded by beautiful lakes and farmland. The Alsace region provides some of the county’s most famous cheeses as well as exceptional beer thanks to the Germanic influence.

Normandy and Bretagne: The rugged north of the country is home to some of the most famous sights and food too. The stunning castle on the island of Mont St Michel is found close to Rennes or St Malo and is one of France’s most picturesque sights. The region of Bretagne (Brittany) is stunning and dotted with small fishing villages and rolling hills. After a day spent strolling the rugged coastline grab a crepe or a savoury galette (pancake) and wash it down with some local cider.

The Atlantic Coast: Bordeaux is a sleepy city world famous for it’s wine. Like most French cities it also has a host of exceptional museums, ancient churches and cathedrals and more than enough food to keep the most demanding gourmand happy.

In the furthest south-west is Biarritz in France’s Basque country. This pretty little town is famous for being the surf capital of France but has a distinct character thanks to it’s Basque influences.

If you’re looking for art, great food or adventure no matter where you head in this great country there will be plenty to keep even the most world-weary traveller happy.

The amazing city of Carcassonne
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