What's The Difference Between A Treadmill And A WalkingPad

What's The Difference Between A Treadmill And A WalkingPad

A lot of us got into working-out and home-gyms became a huge thing during the pandemic. Treadmills and Walking Pads became a necessity because without going out, they help you maintain your fitness inside the comfort of your homes.

Now, we all know what a treadmill is, it is a device generally used for walking, running or climbing at a small incline while staying at the same place. It works through a belt that rolls around the base plate.

On the other hand, a walking pad is a new alternative to treadmills. It is smaller, more lightweight and portable but it does not have the full capabilities of a treadmill.

In this article, you will learn about the difference between a treadmill and a WalkingPad. We will also try to understand which product is suitable for what kind of customer.


Treadmills take up a lot of space in the home workout setup and need to have enough free area around it to prevent any kind of injury while walking or running on it. They are raised a few inches above the floor so if you have a low or sloping ceiling, it might cause you problems.

On the other hand, a walking pad’s primary objective is space-saving. It is compact, flexible ad foldable and can be slid under any sofa, bed or any other furniture.


Treadmills are very stable and heavy equipment which are relatively much safer to use for a variety of exercises. They are heavier and have an anti-slip belt under the bed of the device.

Walking pads are also stable and dependable but due to their lighter construction and limited speeds, they’re not as planted into the floor as treadmills. Most walking pads do come with an anti-slip belt under their beds. These devices remain firm as long as you are not running on them.


Cheap and Mid-Range treadmills tend to make noise because of the low-quality materials, belts that easily loosen up, deck cushioning and small roller size. It is best to check for these issues before you make the purchase of a treadmill.

Walking pads are no different when it comes to making noise but it is much quieter when compared to a cheaper treadmill. Good waling pads that make minimal noise are available for cheaper than mid-range full size treadmills.


It is obvious that treadmills are heavy and not very portable. It is impossible to carry your treadmill if you are travelling.

Walking pads, on the other hand, are compact, foldable are much lighter as compared to treadmills. They can be folded up and carried in the car if fitness is a priority.

Extra Features

Treadmills come with a bunch of extra features which, in some cases are very important. For example, good treadmills almost always have heart rate monitors, an auto-cut clip and power monitors in addition to other niche options.

Walking pads don’t have such features because they are more focused on portability and ease of use. They are not recommended for older people and people with heart issues.


Treadmills come with an auto-cut clip which turns off the device in case it is pulled. But despite that, a treadmill is never completely off unless unplugged.

Walking pads are safer as they do not need to be unplugged, they automatically stop when not in use.


Both Treadmills and Walking pads have their pros and cons, but when it comes to home workout and fitness. Walking pads seem to be a more logical option because of the light weight, safety, portability and lower costs. Despite that, before you make the decision to purchase any of the two, make sure to check out all the niche features available with them and figure out which ones suit you best.