Using PC Game Controller on Android Mobile Games

Using PC Game Controller on Android Mobile Games

If you love to play mobile games on your Android device then it is good to know that you can use a PC game controller on your Android mobile phone too. Using a PC game controller on your Android phone will give you the feel of playing on a real gamepad steam.

If you have used an Xbox or PlayStation controller before, then it will not be difficult for you to use the same with your Android mobile phone. In fact, the process is quite simple and requires just a few steps.

Connecting Computer Game Controller with Android Device

Connecting a game controller to your Android device is a great way to enhance the gaming experience. You can use it to play games with better controls and more precision, play more than one game at once, or even use it as a media remote control.

Here are some quick steps which will help you to connect your PC game controller with your Android device:

If you want to play your android games on a PC, then you can connect your game controller to the device and play.

1. Plug in your controller:

Connect your Android phone to the PC using a USB cable, if not already done so.

2. Connect your controller:

If you have a wireless controller, you need to connect the USB receiver dongle (if there is one included) to the computer before connecting it to the phone. For wired controllers, simply plug in the USB cable to both ends and wait for Windows to install drivers automatically.

3. Turn on Bluetooth in Android:

In order for your controller to work wirelessly with Android devices, turn on Bluetooth from Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth . If this option is not available on your device but you still want to use a wireless controller for playing games, then install an app like DroidMote that does same job of connecting any device(PC/Phone) together remotely through WiFi connection.

4. Test out the buttons:

Go back into Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth and tap on Scan for devices option at bottom left corner of screen which will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices & once found press pair button which should be

Connecting with an OTG

Another way of connecting a gamepad to your android device is using the OTG.

The OTG stands for On The Go. It's a standard that allows mobile devices such as phones and tablets to connect with other peripherals like keyboards, mice etc.

To connect your gamepad, first of all, plug in the USB end of the OTG cable into your smartphone or tablet's USB port. Then plug the other end into your controller's micro-USB connector. You should see a pop-up notification on your device asking if you want to use this device for input. Just tap 'OK', or 'Use as Input Device' if prompted to set up input mapping for it, and you're good to go!

Before making the above connection, you need to ensure your android phone has OTG support. This feature should be available in all the latest android phones and tablets. But if your device does not support OTG then you can easily enable this option with an app called [USB Host Diagnostics] (available on Google Play Store).

Once you open up [USB Host Diagnostics] app from your Android device and tap on [Enable USB Host] button at the bottom of the screen.


Android Gaming is booming at the moment. Countless great games have released to both Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. With so many great games it is certainly a good time to own an Android Mobile Device. However, as many gamers will know, having a physical controller for your Android can greatly enhance your gaming experience with Android. Take your time today and checkout the available controller collections at the easysmx game controllers. Place an order on one of the favourites and enjoy the feel!