Top Diamond Multi-placer Tips For You

Top Diamond Multi-placer Tips For You

As a diamond painter, one of the surest ways to elevate your art is to learn more about diamond multi-placer tools. Why? Because they are needed when it comes to making larger paintings.

Simply put, the main aim of using a multi-placer is to help you fasten the process and allow you to attach multiple beads to the canvas at a time. This article will talk about how you can use your diamond multi-placer.

Diamond painting multi-placer - top tips for using it

Here are some important things you should know about using your Diamond multi-placer tool:

1. Purchase a pen grip

Most diamond painting pens are purchased without grips. This is why a lot of people would prefer to buy a grip especially if their work is a continuous one. This grip lets you have total control over the pen just as seen in a pencil. In other words, it provides you comfort while you paint.

2. Get different sizes of multi-placers

A tool that you can expect to get from a diamond painting kit is the single bead pen. This pen allows you to pick drills individually and place them onto the canvas. Besides, it also comes with one four-multi-placer adaptor standard pen which you can ideally merge with a single drill pen to create your painting.

There are a host of other accessory options to choose from. They include:

  • Three
  • Six
  • Nine-placer attachments

Purchasing one or all of these accessories enables you to place the number of words you want on your canvas. Ultimately, you can purchase all three options to help you have access to different sizes of projects easily.

3. They should be used on a big clear area

Diamond multi-placer should be used on special areas of your canvas especially where the same colors are grouped. Search for a spot where the code can be seen and fill them using the multi-placer tool. Also, note that while filling the big blocks of color, the drill shouldn't be placed individually. If you use multi-placers on areas that bear many colors, you may make mistakes.

4. The single placer shouldn't be forgotten

While the diamond multi-placer is an important part of the painting, you will also need to put single placers in the picture at some point. The single placers are made to be used on areas with fewer blocks of color. They also help you make the beads straight after it gets added to the canvas by the multi-placer. They, however, do not exactly place the drills in their positions. This is why you must ensure that each drill is manually placed down in the canvas. This way, each of them gets aligned perfectly.


With diamond multi-placers, you tend to get a better experience with diamond paintings. There are also a ton of accessories that you can use to make things a lot easier for you. You can check out some art stores around you to purchase a good diamond multi-placer tool.