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Tips to spend less on travel

We are all trying to save a little bit on the money when traveling, but from experience, you must know that this is not an easy task.

We have a few tips for you to make sure you do not break the bank when traveling abroad!

Spend less before the trip


Tick “Airports nearby” when performing a search!

You can, when looking for a flight ticket, check the box “add airports nearby” below your departure city. It can save you much money on your ticket, as prices vary depending on the departure city.

Flight promotions

Put the option “go anywhere” when searching for an airline ticket

It was a person during my world tour who showed me this option, and I used it for the rest of my trip.

You give your departure city, and for arrival, you check “flexible/anywhere” Skyscanner gives you the cheapest flights from where you are in other countries. It’s just great, and it can give you ideas of places to go that you might not have thought of.

Spend less on accommodation when traveling:


trip moneyYou can rent an apartment or rent a room from a private individual.

It’s a great technique for cheaper travels. The nights are much lower than in a hotel and even times cheaper than in a dormitory if you rent a room with a private individual. Also, you have, on top of that, a whole apartment for you!

For example, in New Zealand, I slept in a person’s house, in my room, for $15 with breakfast included. It was much cheaper than the dormitories in the city where I was.


You have a kitchen to cook for yourself, cheaper than going to a restaurant.

Meet the premises if you rent a room.

You can also rent your apartment during your holidays to earn some money.


It’s the same principle except it’s free.

People offer you to sleep on their couch for free. They are usually people who seek to meet and interact with travelers.

The principle is excellent, unless you want some peace, and not have to feel indebted. This means of housing is based on exchange.

Sleeping in dormitories

This is the cheapest way to pay (except sometimes also with bnb air). That’s the only way I travel and the best way to meet people!

You often have the choice either to sleep in a dormitory of 5 to 10 people or to have your room, with or without a shower (if you have a private shower the price will be higher of course).

We often see dormitories as dirty and dilapidated places, know that the majority now is very clean and even stylish!

Several sites to book from or look for dorms :

  • Skyscanner
  • Hostelworld

Home staying

Moreover, more specifically, keep the owner’s pets in exchange for housing. It’s very fashionable, and you can find yourself in incredible places thanks to this way of traveling.

Several sites :

  • House Sitting
  • MindMyHouse

Spend less on local travel


We work four hours in exchange for room and board. The work can range from cleaning a person’s house, entertaining in a dormitory, riding horses on a ranch.


It’s the same principle except it’s based in agriculture.

Eating at locals’ homes.

To not spend too much money and meet locals, it’s just perfect!

Shopping and cooking in the dormitories

Much cheaper than going to a restaurant every day.


To travel without paying too much, or to propose a route not to pay alone for its fuel.
If you want to rent a car and offer people to carpool, Skyscanner has a price comparison also for cars and campers here.

Working Holiday

To work 1 year in a country while traveling.

You will find all the information about this visa in each country here.

We hope you like these quick tips. Make sure to leave a comment, should you have any questions?