Tips and tricks to make a closure look natural

Tips and tricks to make a closure look natural

Closures are widespread among women suffering from thinning and who want protective styles. The closure is a piece of silk or lace with hair attached to it. Closure can be of human hair or synthetic hair, depending upon your choice. Below are some tips and tricks that can make the hd lace closure wig look realistic or natural for you.

Select correct lace closure or frontal

It would help if you chose that lace closure that matches well with the actual color of your hair. While selecting, you should also consider the closure similar to your hair's texture. It will help you look natural, and no one will catch you wearing a wig.

Selecting similar skin tone closure

While buying the wig for yourself, you should consider the option of wig color. It will give you a natural look if you choose the same color wig that resembles your skin tone. An HD lace is highly undetectable; that's why it can be the best option for you. You can also dye the lace at your home by using fabric dyes. Keep in mind that it should not be too dark or too light. It should match your skin tone. For this, get a piece of cotton and apply it to the visible lace areas. You can also apply it to other parts like hair and hairline.

Trimming off excess lace

Trimming can be beneficial for you. You should trim the excess lace before wearing a lace wig closure or frontal closure. Use scissors for that purpose. The scissor should be sharp so that you can cut the lace evenly and precisely. Several fabric scissors are available online, and you can buy one in the market. Leave about a 1.50-inch lace strip while cutting the excess lace.

Hiding your real hair

Hiding your natural hair can prove to be good for you. Before installing the hair closure wig, you should hide all of your natural and real hair. To accomplish this task, always use cornrow braids. For short hair, you can pin your hair down against your head. Try to keep the scalp or surface smooth before applying the lace closure.

Sharpen the eyeliner pencil

You can use a white eyeliner pencil for this purpose. Adjust the lace closure on your head in a comfortable location, then draw a line around the edges of the closure. Try keeping the line thin and close to the scalp as near as possible.

Use of skin-colored concealer

Before using, shake the bottle of concealer well. Dip the brush into the bottle and collect a small amount on the brush. Now brush on the area with a concealer that you have parted with a white eyeliner pencil. Now wipe or wash the brush to make it clean from concealer and dip it into makeup powder. The powder color should be slightly darker than the tone of your skin. Now for sealing the concealer brush on the area with this makeup powder.

Try baby powder

If the color of your lace hair is too shiny, then use a small amount of baby powder to make it look darker. In this way, you can get a natural hair-looking wig.