The Craze of Recreational Drones in 2017 !

News outlets and bloggers are talking about more and more about drones these days, and legislators of every country in the world as well as manufacturers are trying to shape up a drone legislation so that everyone can be safe when flying.

However, it is very easy to fly a drone abroad. How to do it? A few answers in this article

First, of course, it takes a drone 😉 Yes, but which one?

There are different models available on the market at various price ranges, ranging from 20 € to 10 000 $. You have to know that the entry-level drones will be difficult to fly because it is up to you to stabilize them and it ‘s hard to manoeuver them for this reason.

These toy drones also called mini drones are more suitable for indoor use and are not often equipped with a GPS system for the positioning.

Personally, I choose the Phantom 4 by the Chinese manufacturer DJI. Big fella of 1.2 kg but this one stabilizes itself thanks to an advanced GPS chip. I choose this model because it is one of the cheapest that stabilizes by itself and that it is not too big to be carried in a hand luggage on a plane.

On the contrary, I opted for the Professional version because it allows having a camera live feed up to 7 kilometers away while the classic and more standard versions boast a camera live feed of “only” on 300 to 500m. This model was purchased end of 2016 for 1500 € in a store.

mavic pro DJI

Besides the drone itself, different brands offer a whole range of accessories, bags, propellers, filters, … The best model on the market is currently the DJI Mavic Pro, as seen on

I chose a quality carry bag because although they are less resistant than the shell ones, they are highly customizable and allow me to have my drone and camera together. I also took a second battery which is much needed if you are planning on doing multiple flights per sessions. Today I regret a bit of not having taken any UV filters and a sun visor to avoid rays on the screen for the live feed when you are facing the sun.

Best practices to use a drone

Regarding the use, the most important rule remains on the “not seen, not taken,” even in the places where it can be legally used because generally, the authorities do not know much about the regulations concerning commercial drones. Another rule contrary to the first but sometimes useful: ask a law enforcement officer. Especially in Asia for example, if a police officer says yes, no worries just keep on shooting. Otherwise ask the next policeman 100m away! There is always one who will find it interesting to watch.

More generally, I advise you to visit this site that brings together the regulations of many countries when it comes to flying recreational drones:

We must recognize it, during a journey, between the moments when it is forbidden to fly, and the moments where time prevents it (wind or rain), we could not use it about 60% of the time. However I still recommend this purchase, the pictures are breathtaking!

By the way, speaking of the images, here is the last link, that of the youtube channel on which I put my videos of a complete drone without assembly to give an overview of what it gives in flight as well as two videos. Pictures and videos are from a trip in Ireland !

castle aerial shots ireland