Tasmania, An Island Worth Visiting!

The island State of Tasmania covers an area of 69.300 square kilometres and has a population of almost half a million passengers. Regardless of its little size, is differentiated by the variety of its landscapes formed by mountains, fertile valleys, areas of Chaparral, wild locations, appealing marinas, charming beaches and rustic towns, particularly those of the Tasman Sea and which ignore the South Pacific Ocean.

Pet White Wallabies
Pet White Wallabies

The very first locals, the Tasmanian, of origin Melanesian, eliminated in the 18th century, made up the most primitive individuals of the contemporary times possibly. The existing population of Tasmania is Irish or English origin.

Tasmania differs, presently, by the strong environmental awareness of its residents. The island, thanks to the existence of lots of national parks, is an excellent place for taking a trip and long strolls in addition to for swimming, practice surfing, rafting canoeing, caving, diving, fishing …


The mix of colonial and spectacular parks, turn into one of the cities with more history of Australia. It needs not to be forgotten that it is the Second earliest town in the country. It has a population of about 137 thousand residents.

It is best, to begin with, Battery Point, where the earliest buildings of the nest, converted into bars, clubs, dining facilities and art galleries. The Georgian-style structures are focused on Davey and Aquamarine streets.

Tasmania is a land of fishermen
Tasmania is a land of fishermen

Highlighting the Parliament Home, developed by convicts in the year 1842, the Royal Theater, the oldest in Australia, Penitentiary Chapel and Criminal Courts, explaining the style of life of the very first detainees and Runnymede, a stunning 1831 Colonial Home.
Salamanca Place, which houses the absolute best examples of colonial architecture, celebrates all the weekends an artisan market where you can acquire excellent articles. In regards to museums, you should go to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, with a remarkable collection of Aboriginal art and parts of the colonial age.

The Maritime Museum is identified by signs that narrate the history of the port while the Museum Van Diemen  s Land Folk reveals the earliest parts of the leaders.

Also, outstanding Museum Allport and fine arts library, the arboretums, the Cadbury Chocolate factory or distillery Cascade.

Hope you will like your time there if you decide to visit the island!