This is what a great summer barbecue is all about

Summertime means a lot of things – kids in the yard, time in the sun, relaxing afternoons – but one of the best things of all about summer is those evenings when you have friends over to your house for a few blissful hours of barbeque, conversation, and time spent relaxing together. If you want to plan a summer cookout at your house, you can ensure that the night will be a smashing success as long as you follow these few simple tips.

enjoying a bbq with your friendsFood: Having great food for everyone to dive into is, of course, the biggest part of having a good barbeque. If you have close friends over, the best way to handle the food situation is to purchase enough meat for everyone and to plan on grilling this on your own, and then to ask everyone else to pitch in with something specific such as chips or dessert or a side, or anything else you might want!

Drinks: Providing cold drinks such as punch and soda will be necessary on a hot night of barbequing – and depending on the crowd that is coming over for the evening, you might also want to stock a cooler with beer or have the ingredients for mixed drinks. As is the case with the food, drinks are another thing you can ask others to chip in with.

Lounge Spots: You do not want people to feel cramped in your yard, so make sure everyone has a place to sit and relax. Set up seats in different areas so that people can choose where they want to sit and consider stringing up a hammock or other relaxing seating arrangements so that everyone will feel comfortable kicking back and lounging!
With the proper mixture of food, drink, and lounge spots (and with the right group of friends!), you will have everything you need for a great summer barbeque.