Rarest & Most Expensive Lego Star Wars Minifigures

As I just got back from a 2 months holidays in the US and after attending the San Diego 2016 Comic Convention, I wanted to share my love for the intergalactic favourite saga of all times.

there-are-a-broad-range-of-lego-toys-available-out-thereLego and Star Wars – a match made in heaven for any collector! For well over a decade, fans of both the construction kits and sci-fi movies have been investing their hard earned cash in the tiny pieces of plastic known as Lego Minifigures.
Over the last few years, the market in these Lego versions of well-known (and less well-known) characters from the Star Wars movies has taken off in a big way, with some of the rarest items changing hands for thousands of dollars. Here we look at some of the most precious and most expensive Lego Star Wars figurines on the market today.

C3PO – 14 Karat Gold

Everyone’s favourite droid has made several appearances in Lego form. However, this one is not only exceptionally rare but also incredibly valuable. Made from 14 carat gold, only five of these mini figures were ever made back in 2007 when the 30th anniversary of the movie was being commemorated.
These highly coveted collectables now change hands for thousands of dollars.

Cloud City Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of the most well known and popular characters in the Star Wars universe, so it stands to reason that he is a favourite mini figure too.

Although there have been some versions of the famous bounty hunter, one of the rarest is the Cloud City incarnation who only made an appearance for a limited period in the 2003 play set featuring the city in the sky. This figure is also unique because of its printed legs and arms and has been sold for prices up to $9,000.

Yoda -New York I Love

The smallest Jedi of them all made a special appearance in 2013 in one New York branch of Toys R Us. This exclusive mini figure of the green Jedi master sports a New York I Loved shirt and was released only with purchases of that year’s X-Wing play set. Only 1000 of these exclusives were ever produced, explaining why they can change hands for up to $600 each.

Darth Vader – Nuremberg Toy Fair

star-wars-mini-figures-are-immensely-popularThe enemy that everyone loves to hate, it’s no surprise that Darth Vader is a popular mini figure. However, one of the most sought after is the Nuremberg Toy Fair exclusive of the black cloaked baddie. Although he is made from the original Vader mould, his rare German origins make him highly collectable, with eBay prices of up to $1,800.

Darth Revan

One of the more obscure characters in the Star Wars universe, this Sith Lord who retrained as a Jedi after losing his memory was never included in any Lego play set which accounts for its rarity. Only available online from the Lego store as part of a one-month promotion in 2014 in honour of Star Wars Day, this unusual figure is very hard to come by and has a price tag to match.

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