Summer Fun with As Seen On TV Products

Summer Fun with As Seen On TV Products

 I am so lucky that I got to receive an array of products from As Seen On TV.  We’ll go through them so you have a chance to learn a little about them.

First up, Cathy Mitchell has two great cook books called Dump Dinners and Dump Cakes.  We’ve made multiple meals out of these cook books, and every single one was delicious.  Especially the Meatball Casserole.  That’s the first one we made.  My mother in law actually told me I couldn’t have the books back, because she loves them so much.  I do believe that Cathy Mitchell is a genius to come up with all these simple recipes.  Most of the items were already in my freezer, just had to take them out and use them.  You will love these cookbooks, so order now.

Pocket Hose is the next product in line.  Pocket hose is loved by my husband.  He’s wanted one for a long time, and he said he’s glad we got one.  This hose is so cool.  It’s so small, yet when you put water through it, it’s the size of a regular hose, and the power of the water is unbelievable.  My husband says he’s going to give the Pocket Hose to all the men in our lives this Holiday Season.  That way everyone can see just how great it is.

What a great product in the Mighty Blaster!  My husband loves how far it shoots,  he was able to water the garden, standing in one spot.  He says the Mighty Blaster is sure worth the cost, which is minimal.  Just take a look at their page for some demonstrations.  You will truly be surprised.  This thing shoots far.

This one is all me.  As a matter of fact, my husband calls me the Bag Lady, because I’m always buying a ton of bags.  However, now with Grab Bag, I only need the two bags that come in the box.  They fit right across the shopping cart, and are easy to lift out and carry all your products to your car.  Then take from the car to the house.  And, the price ($14.99) is worth every penny.  The bags are a strong canvas, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking on you, like the plastic bags at the store.  I use these everytime I go anywhere.  Even to my mom’s, you know how moms are always sending stuff home with you, this bag is perfect.  Big enough to handle it all.

Have you heard of Card Lock?  If not, now is the best time.  Card Lock card sleeves protect your identity from being stolen.  I have been using this product for a while.  So I gave this to my daughter.  She loves it.  She just turned 18, so she has a bank card and a couple credit cards.  These sleeves will protect her at her young age, from her identity being stolen.  They are easy to use, and fit any credit card.  Don’t ever worry about your credit being stolen again, with these sleeves.

Lastly, Ped Egg.  My mom loves this product.  She has bad calluses, and doesn’t go to the beauty shop to get them taken care of.  Well, now she doesn’t have to worry about it.  She uses Ped Egg!  She just told me yesterday how much she loves Ped Egg.  She said it works with ease, and doesn’t hurt your feet.  You get the rough head, and the smooth one.  That way you can get that callus off, then smooth it up.  This is one product that everyone should own.  Especially the men out there that are too proud to go to a beauty shop.  This will work on your feet too.  How do I know?  My husband has had one for about a year, and he loves it.

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