Oslo can be a lovely city during summer time

Six Fun Activities to Enjoy in Oslo

When choosing where to spend a holiday in Europe, your choices include some of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world.

One option you should consider is Norway as this is a country that can deliver both a visually pleasing experience and plenty of things to see and do during your stay.

Many incredible landmarks and monuments to visit in the old city
Many incredible landmarks and monuments to visit in the old city

If Norway is the destination of your choice, then a trip to its capital, Oslo, should be included in any holiday itinerary. In this city, you will find a diverse range of exciting activities to enjoy including stunning landmarks, beautiful parks, city tours and museums aplenty. However, if you want to spend your time doing things that are both fun and unusual, you ought to consider the following six activities.

1) TusenFryd Amusement Park

A trip to TusenFryd Amusement Park is a great way of satisfying the child in you. It is the largest amusement park in Norway and boasts more than 30 attractions. There are also shops, games and some great places to eat. Even better, if you are travelling with children, all children shorter than 95 centimetres have free admission.

2) Paddleboard Around the Fjords

The fjords of Oslo are one of the most famous and outstanding features of this beautiful city. While there are many boat tours on the fjords, there are some alternative ways you can appreciate your delightful surroundings. One fun option is to paddleboard around the fjords under the guidance of a qualified instructor. It gives you the chance to see one of the city’s highlights while also learning a new skill.

Paddle-boarding the Fjords is an amazing experience
Paddle-boarding the Fjords is an amazing experience

3) Oslo Reptile Park

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to Oslo Reptile Park. Not only is there a wide selection of different reptile species, but there are also spiders and other creepy crawlies to see. This activity is educational, interesting and a little different to other attractions in Oslo.

4) Korketrekkeren

If you like speed and outdoor activities that have a certain element of risk to them, then a day at Korketrekkeren is one of the most fun days out you can have in Oslo. Here, you can spend hours sledging down the snow-covered hillside. The bobsled track from the Oslo Winter Olympics of 1952 is also open to the public.

5) Bubble Soccer

bubble soccer is super fun
Bubble soccer is super fun

A fact about Norway that many people are unaware of is that the game of bubble soccer was invented in this country. This sport involves wearing a huge plastic bubble on the upper half of your body while playing football. Bubble soccer has the same rules as regular soccer, except that full contact is allowed. It is a really fun activity to try if you are visiting Oslo with friends. Visit this Facebook Page or Twitter to know more on the game of bubble soccer!

6) Helicopter Tours

To see the sights of the city from a different perspective, a helicopter tour is an excellent choice. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of Oslo and enjoy both the cityscape and views over the surrounding area.

If you choose to visit this beautiful and diverse city, then you can enjoy these activities and so much more. In Oslo, there is an activity, venue or event to suit everyone, regardless of their preferences and interests.

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  1. Marcia says:

    Oslo is such an amazing place. My family and I had a lovely holiday there a few years ago and it is such magnificent country. Plenty of things to do such as sports and all sorts of entertainment, strong local culture and traditions, great food and drinks. All in line for great holidays! Your article really shows the atmosphere and lists some of the top things we tried when over there. Keep on posting 😉

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