Réunion island

Reunion Island continues to promote tourism in Europe.

The IRT has just completed two significant operations with European tourism professionals: Germany at the ITB Berlin and metropolitan France at the annual roadshow in several major cities. The IRT continues the growth momentum that began with the excellent 2017 figures.

The meeting took place at German time from 7 to 11 March. Germany is one of the world’s largest emitters of tourists. “It is a market of vital importance in the tourism market diversification strategy successfully pursued by the Réunion Region since 2010,” explains the IRT.

German tourists now represent more than 6% of the total number of foreign visitors to the island in 2017, 1.5% more than in 2016 and the most represented European country (behind metropolitan France). The margin of progress is therefore real, and it was essential that this year again, Reunion Island be present at the most important European meeting for world tourism professionals.

south of africaThe IRT teams accompanied twenty-two Reunionese players (hoteliers, incoming agencies, and airlines) for a week to promote their exchanges with European and international tourism operators. Nevertheless, if the first three days of the show are only reserved for professionals in the sector, the last two days are open to the general public.

A stand of more than 150 m2 was therefore made available to these professional partners to guarantee them high visibility, maximize contacts and strengthen links with visitors interested in the destination.

All participants agreed that this week was “a real success for all”: many contacts were established between the IRT, its partners, and many international tourism professionals.

Similarly, more than 30 journalists expressed “their interest in our island and their desire to make it known to their respective audiences. More generally, visitor feedback has been very positive and testifies to the considerable gain of notoriety for the great island, perceived as a prestigious, preserved, confidential destination that still inspires the most distant travelers.

In its desire to make Réunion even more attractive and to promote it to metropolitan tourism professionals, the IRT also organized, as it does every year, a roadshow in three major French cities.

Accompanying this time twelve actors of the tourist sector of Reunion, the teams of the IRT gave appointment to the travel agencies, tour-operators, commercial, specialized journalists and ambassadors of the destination Bordeaux, Paris, and Lille respectively last March 13, 14 and 15.

These meetings with professionals, the first marketing relay for the destination Réunion aupreÌ s of the general public, have several objectives: to strengthen links with the prescribers of the destination, to transmit the most striking best practices and sales arguments, but also to generate maximum sales in the short and medium term.

Metropolitan France remains “the largest emitting market for tourism in Reunion Island”: in 2017 it accounted for more than 78% of the total number of visitors. It is therefore essential for the IRT to maintain strong links with French tourism players through operations like this one.