Repudiate My Alpha Mate-A Strange Paranormal Story

Repudiate My Alpha Mate-A Strange Paranormal Story

It is a great story full of paranormal romance and suspense. The story's intricate detail can leave you in a deep world of excitement to get lost in. The story, rejected my alpha mate is about the heroine Una who is a helpless lame and was severely injured in her childhood. She is saved but secluded from the pack because she is not mated. She and other loner females have to work and serve the packed meals.

They worked hard to be independent and to make money in a dinner where she was helping other females to pack the meal. She meets her wolf comes, but he rejects her and acts as if she is crazy about how they can be mates in their childhood and have known each other. After rejection, Una finds solace where a female having magical abilities remove her pain and bond. She becomes normal and finds mental peace.

Hero’s Character

The hero is great, having excellent qualities to love and care for others. But he did not have a good father. His father told him that women have no rights and cannot be loved. Her father wants to save his pack. Killian has come to the realization and starts to love Una. When Killian realizes her love and the truth that they were mates from childhood, he tries to prove his love and sincerity to Una, but it is not easy for Una to accept all this at the moment. You will find a detailed description of their living style and where they belong. Where they lived and what are their origin makes this story more fascinating.

 To Sum Up

The tyrant Alpha's rejected mate is an exciting, thrilling, and action drama, and you will love it while reading. I love the character of Killian and Una; they were fantastic from the first scene to their rejection. The strength of Una and her emotional feelings, and her fight against her feeling makes this character memorable. You really love their histories and how the connection works out their feeling and comes them together. The character of Una and Killian are captivating, and you love their voices and personalities.

Una's relationship and bond with her friend are also amazing. This is an amazing book, and the fact is very captivating when he rejects his mate, Una. You can not find this type of love set up when the hero tries to prove his love and sincerity to Una. The great bond between both characters is so binding and amazing, making this story unmemorable. The character, the world between them, and their feelings are beautifully crafted, and you will love this story. Killian is a true hero, and how much he has good qualities make this book so captivating. You like the romance and how loving and nurturing the hero is for his heroine, Una. However, his alpha tendencies stop him from being romantic and loving. The book is great, but the story's ending is very sad and disappointing and makes us sad.