Reasons You Must Have An Android TV Box

Reasons You Must Have An Android TV Box

Just the other day we were using analogue TV to watch the regular programmes. Watching TV was basically for specific times when specific events were being aired such as local news, National events just to mention a few. Today TV watching has come with another very different idea that has made people find more time glued watching TV. The coming of the Android TV box has made the watching experience very different, lively, captivating, interesting and worth spending time on. Evpad in particular is an android TV box company that has come up with great series of android TV. Evpad android TV box for example has come up with a lot of new features you could not find in Analogue TV.

Variety of channels.

Evpad Android TV box has a variety of channels and programmes both locally and international. Today you can be able to watch what is going on in the other parts of the world at the comfort of your home. You can get access to informative channels such as the weather channel that will make you plan for your travel arrangement before the real day comes. You can watch News and events across the world at times without having to pay for them since some are free to access.

Ability to download apps and save them in the android box.

 evpad android box comes with a huge memory for example Evpad 5Max comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM. This is a very great factor where you will be able to download programmes at ease without fear of memory deficiency. You can save videos, clips to watch later.

Ability to surf on TV.

The Evpad android TV box is connected to Wi-Fi some android boxes come with inbuilt Wi-Fi while others need to connect to an external Wi-Fi using an Ethernet cable or wireless. This way you will be able to surf freely on the TV. You do not need to go back opening your computer to trace a video you saved or wanted to watch instead you can watch it directly on your TV.

Ability to instruct the TV to play your programmers via speech.

This is a great development in Android TV technology. The evpad 5Max for example has an inbuilt artificial intelligent voice assistant. You will just be required to speak to the android TV box and say what you need to watch. It can even recall the history of what you watched previously. What else will not make this the most captivating experience for you just giving commands to the Android TV and having them executed?

High strength Bluetooth connectivity.

This is a technology that enables you to connect wirelessly with the real device. That means you will continue to enjoy your watching experience from every corner of your room. This has enabled people to play games, watch movies from a distant point on the TV and still receive very clear and uninterrupted connections.

Captivating pictures and videos of great quality.

Evpad android box will give you excellent picture and video quality you will always admire. This will make your TV watching very interesting.

Having the above information you can opt to get an android Evpad android box for that awesome experience.