How to make your peacock chair look new

How to make your peacock chair look new

A peacock chair is a really beautiful chair option. Over time, this chair gets a bit rugged and rough, and you may need to refurbish it. This article will guide you on the best process to arrange the peacock chair.

Check for any defects in the chair

The first thing you need to check within your peacock chair is if there are any damages that you need to fix. The idea is to make it look new, but if you make it beautiful and there are damages, you will only have a beautiful but weak chair. That, of course, is if the chair does not damage while you are in the process. It is always better to check for defects and clear them before you start refurbishing your peacock chair. That way, you will have a nice and strong chair as an end product.

Get all necessary materials needed

A peacock chair is a beautiful one to have at your disposal. However, there were a lot of processes within the chair that made it have that beauty. The processes involved are not complex, but they require tools. These tools will also be needed when you want to refurbish them. If you need to change any defects, you may need a screwdriver to fix the parts first. After that, for the process, you will need to get paints and sealant where necessary.

Clean the peacock chair properly

If you have a peacock chair inside your home, the chances are high that you do not have a lot of space to clean the chair. At best, maybe you try to clean it with dry cloth from time to time. When you want to refurbish the chair, it is only natural that you try to clean the chair well before starting the process. Cleaning it may require you to use a damp cloth if there is some stubborn dirt on the body of the peacock chair. That will help you have a clean chair to work with. However, ensure the chair is very dry before you think of refurbishing it. If the dirt is not that much, dry cloth will suffice for the cleaning process.

Prepare a clear space

Cleaning is the first part of preparing the chair for the refurbishing process, but it is not all. You need to take the chair into a clear space where there is a minimal disturbance. Also, the space can be outdoor, but if possible, it should be covered. When you paint the chair, you will need to leave it for several hours to dry. A downpour of rain will not be very nice to the chair refurbishment. When it is outside, you can use the vacuum to ensure there are no more perks of dirt.

Paint chair stylishly

When you have confirmed that there are no dents on the peacock chair, you will need to paint the chair. Painting is basically the main change you are making to the peacock chair. The way you paint it and the colour you use are based on your choice. After painting the chair, you may need to use a sealant to ensure that it does not get affected by rain and other happenings.