Here's How To Buy Fifa coins

Here's How To Buy Fifa coins

FIFA coins are a form of currency that is exclusively used in FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football (FIFA Ultimate Team mode).  With the use of these FIFA coins, you can build your football team, and to do that you will need coins to sign these players into your team, choose a playstyle, design jerseys for each one of them, and a lot more.

In this article, we will see about FIFA coins, how to buy fifacoins and the reasons why you should buy from Buyfifacoins in detail.

Buy FIFA Coins in 7 Steps

We will now look into a total of 7 seven steps on how you can buy Fifa coins in detail.

  1. To place an order on Fifa coins on the website Buyfifacoins, you would have to first create an account and log into that account so that you will be able to place an order. Then you should select FUT 22 Coins and choose a console that you wish. This will show you options such as FUT 22 Coins XBOX ONE/ Series X, FUT 22 Coins PS4/PS5, FUT 22 Coins PC, FUT 22 Coins Switch, and lastly FUT 22 Coins Mobile.
  2. Then you should select the number of coins you would like to purchase and press on the option that says “buy now.”
  3. Choose the mode of payment you are most comfortable with and later checkout. After you get a message saying that the payment was successful then you can go to the member center. Some of the payment methods include options such as Skrill, Credit card, MINT, Trustly, Bitcoin, and so on.
  4. Once you go to the member center you will be able to transfer coins by clicking on the option that says “get coins.”
  5. After that, do make sure you select the option “Comfort Trade 3.0”. It involves compensation standards and Robo-auto system 3.0. It also covers five percent of your taxes.
  6. Later give in your account information correctly and then once you click “submit”, your account will go through a small verification process for a few minutes so make sure you wait until your account gets verified. Account information includes information such as amount, email, password, and a total of 6 backup codes.
  7. You will be able to track your delivery history and as a result, be aware of the information regarding the process of coins being transferred. You will get information such as the order ID, platform, account, process message, credits, target, and status.

Buy From Buyfifacoins

Buyfifacoins is a trusted and safe platform for you to buy FIFA coins in all ways. It is a great platform that looks out for its customers with customer satisfaction as their main priority; they also make sure that their customers get it delivered in a relatively quick and superfast rate of time (it is reported that at least 935 of the products are delivered quick), they provide everyone with a secure platform for its online transactions, it also makes sure that its local as well as foreign customers (a global approach catering to the needs of many around the world), they have guaranteed refund system that provides you with your money back in the case of dissatisfaction and applying for a refund.


We saw about FIFA coins, how to buy FIFA coins, and reasons why you should buy from Buyfifacoins in detail. We hope that the above information provided on these topics was clear enough for you to make a successful purchase on Buyfifacoins.