Common Misconceptions about Men’s Mesh Shorts

Common Misconceptions about Men’s Mesh Shorts

As a clothing item, the men's mesh shorts do not get as much spotlight as they should. This could be due to the misconceptions that people have concerning the particular men’s wear. Fortunately, we are shedding some light on the shorts for more gents to understand why they are a classy choice and should be imbibed into their wardrobe.

As a male’s clothing, mesh shorts should even be more popular than jeans and cargo pants when it comes to comfort. The materials let breeze both through unlike sweatpants and jeans, there are also freer, thereby being more comfortable.

If you have been avoiding these mesh shorts as a gent, then you must have believed one of these false claims. No worries, clear your doubts with our debunked claims about men’s mesh shorts.

Men’s Mesh Shorts are Just for the Gym

If you have thought that this men’s wear is not suitable anywhere other than the four walls of a gym then think again. These stylish men’s mesh shorts can be worn as casual shorts instead of always being a sportswear. Yes, the popular shorts are stretchy and free, also they absorb sweat well but can still be worn as normal streetwear. The comfort and style makes it suitable to wear out to pick the kids from school or to go grocery shopping. The range of activities this mesh shorts can be worn for makes it impossible to believe that people have turned it to a complete gym wear and nothing more. Pair them with a good t-shirt and you are ready to go.

They Are Just For the Teens

The wearing of men’s shorts have been so since the late 1980s when it was worn a whole lot by basketball and still is. Because of how much basketball team’s influence teens’ fashion, we seem mostly kids and teenagers dressed in men’s mesh shorts. Making the item exclusively for kids and teens is to do injustice to the men’s wear. Even working adults and fathers can make it work with proper styling and clothes combination.

You Can’t Look Expensive with Them

Hel-loo! This is a totally wrong claim. Again, just because some people are wearing it wrong does not mean it has to be that way. Men’s mesh shorts, when styled properly, can look and feel expensive. The colour and size you choose plays a role in whether it looks sophisticated or not. Brighter and more fitting clothes generally look better on you. Just accessorize properly when you want to wear a mesh short. A good-looking wrist watch, hat or shoe should do you good.


Men’s fashion is a space that is not as talked about as women’s or even kid’s fashion. But that can change. Men too want to find porpoer fitting clothes with ideas on why they should buy them. Misconceptions here and there can limit their options to a few regular wears instead of trying out new styles, designs and items. Although the men’s mesh shorts are not new in any way, they have been overly marginalized. We hope we have been able to debunk those theories.