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Tips to spend less on travel

We are all trying to save a little bit on the money when traveling, but from experience, you must know that this is not an easy task.

We have a few tips for you to make sure you do not break the bank when traveling abroad!

Spend less before the trip


Tick “Airports nearby” when performing a search!

You can, when looking for a flight ticket, check the box “add airports nearby” below your departure city. It can save you much money on your ticket, as prices vary depending on the departure city.

Flight promotions

Put the option “go anywhere” when searching for an airline ticket

It was a person during my world tour who showed me this option, and I used it for the rest of my trip.

You give your departure city, and for arrival, you check “flexible/anywhere” Skyscanner gives you the cheapest flights from where you are in other countries. It’s just great, and it can give you ideas of places to go that you might not have thought of.

Spend less on accommodation when traveling:


trip moneyYou can rent an apartment or rent a room from a private individual.

It’s a great technique for cheaper travels. The nights are much lower than in a hotel and even times cheaper than in a dormitory if you rent a room with a private individual. Also, you have, on top of that, a whole apartment for you!

For example, in New Zealand, I slept in a person’s house, in my room, for $15 with breakfast included. It was much cheaper than the dormitories in the city where I was.


You have a kitchen to cook for yourself, cheaper than going to a restaurant.

Meet the premises if you rent a room.

You can also rent your apartment during your holidays to earn some money.


It’s the same principle except it’s free.

People offer you to sleep on their couch for free. They are usually people who seek to meet and interact with travelers.

The principle is excellent, unless you want some peace, and not have to feel indebted. This means of housing is based on exchange.

Sleeping in dormitories

This is the cheapest way to pay (except sometimes also with bnb air). That’s the only way I travel and the best way to meet people!

You often have the choice either to sleep in a dormitory of 5 to 10 people or to have your room, with or without a shower (if you have a private shower the price will be higher of course).

We often see dormitories as dirty and dilapidated places, know that the majority now is very clean and even stylish!

Several sites to book from or look for dorms :

  • Skyscanner
  • Hostelworld

Home staying

Moreover, more specifically, keep the owner’s pets in exchange for housing. It’s very fashionable, and you can find yourself in incredible places thanks to this way of traveling.

Several sites :

  • House Sitting
  • MindMyHouse

Spend less on local travel


We work four hours in exchange for room and board. The work can range from cleaning a person’s house, entertaining in a dormitory, riding horses on a ranch.


It’s the same principle except it’s based in agriculture.

Eating at locals’ homes.

To not spend too much money and meet locals, it’s just perfect!

Shopping and cooking in the dormitories

Much cheaper than going to a restaurant every day.


To travel without paying too much, or to propose a route not to pay alone for its fuel.
If you want to rent a car and offer people to carpool, Skyscanner has a price comparison also for cars and campers here.

Working Holiday

To work 1 year in a country while traveling.

You will find all the information about this visa in each country here.

We hope you like these quick tips. Make sure to leave a comment, should you have any questions?


Rarest & Most Expensive Lego Star Wars Minifigures

As I just got back from a 2 months holidays in the US and after attending the San Diego 2016 Comic Convention, I wanted to share my love for the intergalactic favourite saga of all times.

there-are-a-broad-range-of-lego-toys-available-out-thereLego and Star Wars – a match made in heaven for any collector! For well over a decade, fans of both the construction kits and sci-fi movies have been investing their hard earned cash in the tiny pieces of plastic known as Lego Minifigures.
Over the last few years, the market in these Lego versions of well-known (and less well-known) characters from the Star Wars movies has taken off in a big way, with some of the rarest items changing hands for thousands of dollars. Here we look at some of the most precious and most expensive Lego Star Wars figurines on the market today.

C3PO – 14 Karat Gold

Everyone’s favourite droid has made several appearances in Lego form. However, this one is not only exceptionally rare but also incredibly valuable. Made from 14 carat gold, only five of these mini figures were ever made back in 2007 when the 30th anniversary of the movie was being commemorated.
These highly coveted collectables now change hands for thousands of dollars.

Cloud City Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of the most well known and popular characters in the Star Wars universe, so it stands to reason that he is a favourite mini figure too.

Although there have been some versions of the famous bounty hunter, one of the rarest is the Cloud City incarnation who only made an appearance for a limited period in the 2003 play set featuring the city in the sky. This figure is also unique because of its printed legs and arms and has been sold for prices up to $9,000.

Yoda -New York I Love

The smallest Jedi of them all made a special appearance in 2013 in one New York branch of Toys R Us. This exclusive mini figure of the green Jedi master sports a New York I Loved shirt and was released only with purchases of that year’s X-Wing play set. Only 1000 of these exclusives were ever produced, explaining why they can change hands for up to $600 each.

Darth Vader – Nuremberg Toy Fair

star-wars-mini-figures-are-immensely-popularThe enemy that everyone loves to hate, it’s no surprise that Darth Vader is a popular mini figure. However, one of the most sought after is the Nuremberg Toy Fair exclusive of the black cloaked baddie. Although he is made from the original Vader mould, his rare German origins make him highly collectable, with eBay prices of up to $1,800.

Darth Revan

One of the more obscure characters in the Star Wars universe, this Sith Lord who retrained as a Jedi after losing his memory was never included in any Lego play set which accounts for its rarity. Only available online from the Lego store as part of a one-month promotion in 2014 in honour of Star Wars Day, this unusual figure is very hard to come by and has a price tag to match.

Find more on Han Shoots First – Star Wars Fan Site

Oslo can be a lovely city during summer time

Six Fun Activities to Enjoy in Oslo

When choosing where to spend a holiday in Europe, your choices include some of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world.

One option you should consider is Norway as this is a country that can deliver both a visually pleasing experience and plenty of things to see and do during your stay.

Many incredible landmarks and monuments to visit in the old city
Many incredible landmarks and monuments to visit in the old city

If Norway is the destination of your choice, then a trip to its capital, Oslo, should be included in any holiday itinerary. In this city, you will find a diverse range of exciting activities to enjoy including stunning landmarks, beautiful parks, city tours and museums aplenty. However, if you want to spend your time doing things that are both fun and unusual, you ought to consider the following six activities.

1) TusenFryd Amusement Park

A trip to TusenFryd Amusement Park is a great way of satisfying the child in you. It is the largest amusement park in Norway and boasts more than 30 attractions. There are also shops, games and some great places to eat. Even better, if you are travelling with children, all children shorter than 95 centimetres have free admission.

2) Paddleboard Around the Fjords

The fjords of Oslo are one of the most famous and outstanding features of this beautiful city. While there are many boat tours on the fjords, there are some alternative ways you can appreciate your delightful surroundings. One fun option is to paddleboard around the fjords under the guidance of a qualified instructor. It gives you the chance to see one of the city’s highlights while also learning a new skill.

Paddle-boarding the Fjords is an amazing experience
Paddle-boarding the Fjords is an amazing experience

3) Oslo Reptile Park

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to Oslo Reptile Park. Not only is there a wide selection of different reptile species, but there are also spiders and other creepy crawlies to see. This activity is educational, interesting and a little different to other attractions in Oslo.

4) Korketrekkeren

If you like speed and outdoor activities that have a certain element of risk to them, then a day at Korketrekkeren is one of the most fun days out you can have in Oslo. Here, you can spend hours sledging down the snow-covered hillside. The bobsled track from the Oslo Winter Olympics of 1952 is also open to the public.

5) Bubble Soccer

bubble soccer is super fun
Bubble soccer is super fun

A fact about Norway that many people are unaware of is that the game of bubble soccer was invented in this country. This sport involves wearing a huge plastic bubble on the upper half of your body while playing football. Bubble soccer has the same rules as regular soccer, except that full contact is allowed. It is a really fun activity to try if you are visiting Oslo with friends. Visit this Facebook Page or Twitter to know more on the game of bubble soccer!

6) Helicopter Tours

To see the sights of the city from a different perspective, a helicopter tour is an excellent choice. It is a fantastic opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of Oslo and enjoy both the cityscape and views over the surrounding area.

If you choose to visit this beautiful and diverse city, then you can enjoy these activities and so much more. In Oslo, there is an activity, venue or event to suit everyone, regardless of their preferences and interests.

This is what a great summer barbecue is all about

Summertime means a lot of things – kids in the yard, time in the sun, relaxing afternoons – but one of the best things of all about summer is those evenings when you have friends over to your house for a few blissful hours of barbeque, conversation, and time spent relaxing together. If you want to plan a summer cookout at your house, you can ensure that the night will be a smashing success as long as you follow these few simple tips.

enjoying a bbq with your friendsFood: Having great food for everyone to dive into is, of course, the biggest part of having a good barbeque. If you have close friends over, the best way to handle the food situation is to purchase enough meat for everyone and to plan on grilling this on your own, and then to ask everyone else to pitch in with something specific such as chips or dessert or a side, or anything else you might want!

Drinks: Providing cold drinks such as punch and soda will be necessary on a hot night of barbequing – and depending on the crowd that is coming over for the evening, you might also want to stock a cooler with beer or have the ingredients for mixed drinks. As is the case with the food, drinks are another thing you can ask others to chip in with.

Lounge Spots: You do not want people to feel cramped in your yard, so make sure everyone has a place to sit and relax. Set up seats in different areas so that people can choose where they want to sit and consider stringing up a hammock or other relaxing seating arrangements so that everyone will feel comfortable kicking back and lounging!
With the proper mixture of food, drink, and lounge spots (and with the right group of friends!), you will have everything you need for a great summer barbeque.