Basketball Stadium Lights: Here’s What You Should Know

Basketball Stadium Lights: Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to the installation of LED lights in a basketball court, the different types of basketball courts all have their unique requirements. Therefore, you have to ensure that the lighting in your court (commercial, recreational, residential, or professional) is in line with the set standards. So, before you buy outdoor basketball lights, you need to think about the following factors to help you make the right decision.

Factors to Consider Before Getting LED Basketball Lights

1. Luminous Efficacy

The real measure of a bulb's efficiency is referred to as luminous efficacy. The luminous efficacy of the light shows you how many lumens are produced for every watt of electricity consumed. Generally, LED lights are better than traditional lights because they have higher luminous efficacy than traditional bulbs. The efficacy ratings of high-quality LED lights are not less than 130 lumens per watt.

The cost of LED bulbs with higher efficiency is higher than those with lower efficiency. However, it is more cost-effective to choose a LED bulb with a higher efficiency since it costs more to upgrade from one with lower efficiency. Generally, these bulbs can give you a rating of 130-180 lumens per watt.

2. Color Temperature

When dealing with LED lights for basketball courts, you must get a light that provides the right color temperature for your court. Thus, you can go for a bulb that provides a color temperature of 5000K which provides the same effect as natural light. LED bulbs have come to stay. So, if you’ve been using metal halide, fluorescents, or HPS, you might want to start considering LED lights for your basketball court.

If you prefer a bulb that provides a warmer color, you can buy the one of 4000K. since HPS lights are around 2300K, buying a LED bulb around 4000K or 5000K will be a good upgrade.

3. Color Rendering Index

The definition of the color of your bulb is greatly affected by the color rendering index. The coloring rendering index of the LED bulb shows you how the bulb will display colors compared to sunlight (regarded as the ideal light source). For example, HID lamps are associate with poor light color and since the light color affects the contrast and clarity of the court, the color rendering index has to be very high. Most basketball LEDs feature an index between CRI 70 to 85 which is very good. However, if you want to pay attention to the details, an index of CRI 80 to 90 will be a better choice.

4. Anti-Glare System

When designing the lighting of your basketball court, another thing you need to consider is the anti-glare feature of the LED light. When the glare is too strong, it can cause a lot of discomfort to the players and the spectators as well. This ultimately affects the vision of the players and can contribute greatly to bad performance on the basketball court.


Therefore, when choosing a LED bulb for your court, make sure it has a good anti-glare system that will make the game enjoyable for both the players and the spectators.