All you need to know about BUBBLE MAILERS

All you need to know about BUBBLE MAILERS

Shipping boxes help protect items during shipping transit. They're a necessity when shipping items, irrespective of whether they are fragile or not. There are also situations when you just need to ship small items. Using a shipping box would cost way more and be unnecessarily bigger than the idea. This is where bubble mailers come in handy.

If you are a business that constantly ships small items, a good way to make your logistics more efficient is to work with bubble mailers bulk suppliers to buy wholesale bubble mailers.

What are bubble mailers?

As the name signifies, bubble mailers are plastic or paper envelopes that are neatly lined with a bubble wrap. If you've shipped or received shipped items, you've probably come across them. They are designed in different sizes but often shaped as a rectangular envelope.

The bubble acts as protection for the items inside the envelope. The bubble is nestled ensconced between the outer and inner paper or plastic of the envelope. When choosing the ideal bubble mailer, the inner space should be wide enough to hold the item. In other words, do not use the outer size to determine the capacity of the mailer.

Are bubble mailers padded envelopes?

Yes, bubble mailers are sometimes used interchangeably with padded envelopes. This makes sense since it has bubbles between the layers. Other padded envelopes make use of paper or foam. With this definition, it means bubble mailers can rightly be referred to as padded envelopes but not all padded envelopes can be referred to as a bubble mailer. Does it make sense?

Where can you find bubble mailers?

They can be found at your local post office or supply store. However, if you need a large supply of them, it's best to get from a reputable wholesale bubble mailer supplier. You can get them cheaper and have a range of sizes to choose from.

How to use a bubble mailer?

Once you've purchased the right bubble mailer size for your item, carefully place the item into the bubble mailer. The best item for a bubble mailer is one that's flat and doesn't have pointed edges. Once it's safely placed in, proceed to seal the envelope. The bubble mailer often comes with an adhesive side to seal the package, but there's nothing wrong in adding extra sealant and adhesive if there's a need for it.

Hold the bubble mailer and check around to ensure there are no holes where the item could ship out. If you feel there's too much allowance inside the box for the item to move around, you can either get a smaller-sized bubble mailer or place extra cushion within. However, this may increase the overall weight of the package.

When all is done, and the bubble mailer is safely sealed, label it appropriately. Make it visible to those at your local post office and at the receiving post office.


Bubble mailers remain a safe alternative to shipping boxes, especially for small items. Reports have shown that packed items for shipping are often subject to falls and damages. Bubble mailers give you an extra layer of cushion and protection for your items.