AK2 Caliburn Product Features Elaboration

AK2 Caliburn Product Features Elaboration

Due to present developed technology various new and innovative devices have appeared in the market which has changed the dimension and thought of several products. Everyone is well aware of vaping. It's a process of inhaling and exhaling vapor with the help of a product that is specially designed for this purpose. However, this vapor contained flavored nicotine. The device for which vaping is at the figure tips of the people is none other than electronic cigarettes.

The Ak2 Caliburn is some as A2 Caliburn but some new features are added to the new product. AK2 is much tighter than A2 and is obviously leak-resistant. The size of the AK2 is approximately 43.5×11.8×67.9 mm. However, it has an output of 15W. The battery capacity of the AK2 is 520mAh. Additionally, in AK2 Caliburn the user can keep an eye on the level of the E-liquid through its viewing window. The coil of the product is 0.9-ohm Kanthal UN2 meshed H fixed coil disposable pods.

This article is presented in front of the audience to convey a brief description of some features of the AK2. However, from the above segment of the blog, it's quite clear what the AK2 actually means.

Some Features You Didn’t Knew!

This segment of the blog will elaborate on a few notable features of the AK2 Caliburn.

1. Unisex Product

The AK2 Caliburn is a unisex product which means that both men and women can use it without any hesitation. However, the design of the product is made so beautifully that it will complement both genders.

2. Comes With Up To 2ML Capacity

The AK2 comes has a capacity of 2 ml. This means that attest 2 ml of the product can be accommodated into the liquid filing compartment.

3. Can Be Charged Using Type-C

The Type C charging port is the most convenient one in the present day. However, to make the charging capacity easy for the people who are in use of the AK2. This product can be charged by using the Type C port.

4. Cyberpunk Limited Edition For Collection Enthusiasts

Various people are there who are very interested in collecting caliburns. For them, it's a great opportunity to add one more innovative, latest as well as limited edition product to their collection. The enthusiasts can try their hands on the AK2 to gain a new perception and opinion about one more type of caliburn.

5. Portable Design Allows Carrying It In Pocket

The design of the AK2 Caliburn is much more compact and portable which can prove to be a travel-friendly product. The users can easily carry it in their pockets without any issue.

6. Check How Much Liquid Is Left

In the AK2 people can also have a look at how much liquid is left in their Caliburn. This is because of the E-liquid viewing compartment of the AK2.


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