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After Maria, Dominica relies more than ever on tourism.

Last September, the passage of Hurricane Maria brought tourist activity on the island to a halt. Six months later, the destination takes stock of its reconstruction.

Despite Maria’s devastating passage, there is no way Dominica will ever forget her tourism.” At present, efforts to rebuild the destination have been colossal, says Colin Piper, director of the Discover Dominica Tourism Authority. Dominica welcomed its first cruise ship in Portsmouth at the end of December and in the capital Roseau last January. We have also confirmed the reopening of the main natural sites. Accessibility to public services such as water and electricity are in their final stages.” In detail, 19 of 23 natural sites such as Trafalgar Falls, Indian River or Cabrits are officially open and welcoming visitors. The diving spots are also accessible, says the Tourist Office. Regarding accommodation, 40% of the rooms are available for reservation, and an additional third should reopen by the end of the year.

Tourists can participate in the reconstruction.

maria stormThe progress of the reconstruction can be followed in real time on the Dominica Update website. A positive signal, the destination announces the imminent arrival of high-end hotel projects. The Anichi Resort & Spa (Marriott Group), Cabrits Resort Kempiski and Jungle Bay Resorts & Spa will be inaugurated in 2019. A significant sector of the Dominican economy, the tourist recovery is a crucial axis for the island,” stresses the Tourist Office. The devastating passage of Hurricane Maria was a blow all the more severe as the island was making an “excellent year for tourism”.

In the end, 2017 will have ended with a relatively moderate drop of 8.9% in tourist arrivals, all markets combined. Tourists who so wish are invited to participate in the reconstruction of the island through voluntary tourism packages: travelers can register with local hotels or operators to engage in targeted reconstruction and clean-up operations while discovering the island.