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Jeffrey Evans
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My name is Jeffrey and I have just got back from a world tour where I have been backpacking a few countries over 4 continents. I will try to give you an insight on some of the destinations I have been travelling to and present to you the local culture.

I have decided to create the advocates-cafe.com travel blog to share my passion for the world of tourism and general things that I like.

Internet has become an indispensable tool for planning a trip these days. Nearly one out of two person book their holidays on the web.

I will introduce you to some tourist destinations and articles on other general topics (only things that I am passionate about).

I will talk about my travels and I would also like to incorporate travel stories (maybe from guest posters, guest users). So we could share valuable information on the destinations visited.

I will, of course, share with you my good tips and set you up with useful information that will likely serve you if you are currently preparing your next trip!

Feel free to send me your questions and / or your stories using my contact form or drop me a line in the comment section. I’d be happy to answer your questions. 🙂


Good reading…

Jeffrey E.